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After spending time in my universe, I want my readers to be moved—moved to make a change and reach beyond what is comfortable. I would love for them to see inside the heart of a loving God who stretches His hand across eternity to extend His mercy and grace so we can live with Him in that eternity. How awesome is that?   Writing cleanses me. When it is late and all around me is quiet, I do my best work. There is a space God gives me after I've spent time in prayer where He speaks. I wait. I listen. I close my eyes and write. I listen some more. If I have been burdened by something I've seen, heard or experienced, the keyboard or my journal becomes my therapy. If I've been touched by a story I've read or heard, it comes out of hiding in my heart and dances its way onto a blank page. Writing releases my joy and gives definition to a world I need to make sense of. Even if I don't have all the answers (who does?), the pages orchestrate thoughts and emotions into poetry and prose. This is what I do. I dance with words.
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