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Loving My Afrikah Hair

August 22, 2016

I find more creative styles with natural hair than relaxed hair. My maternal grandmother, Helen McClain, was a hair stylist with gorgeous waist-long hair. Old school, I grew up with her pressing my hair, along with my two sisters…those days in the kitchen harvest so many memories. After 20 years of relaxing my hair (to her disapproval) I stopped on the advice of one of my closest and dearest friends, Mariette Polite. The chemicals were ruining my hair and I wanted the thick healthy look my hair boasted when I was young. After reading The Knotty Truth by M. Michele George, I was convinced I was on the right track. My hair is versatile; I can, and infrequently, straighten it with a flat iron, but keeping heat off of my hair has proved to be a wise decision. I can be creative on my own, or, when I can’t sleep, I find numerous sources on the Internet that inspire. On You Tube, Leslie, of Kinky Curly Beauty, has been a great motivation for me to learn creative styles with my hair texture. Here is a modified KinkyCurlyBeauty version that one of my stylists, Lisa Evelinn, created for me. I hope you are inspired and deep down, I’m wondering if Grandma would love my Afrikah hair. Photo by: Dan Houston (background).

2strandtwists2strand twists3 Natural 2strand twists2

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