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Alabaster Box Media Group, a division of Vision Resources, Inc., was initiated in 2012. Alabaster Box Media Group serves as the parent company for Alabaster Press, the company’s publishing arm. The company name comes from a favorite Bible story about a woman who poured out a costly and precious offering of perfume on Christ Jesus. Her first published book, Rivers of Grace, is a first fruit offering of the gift of writing with which Melanie Houston has been graced.


Combining her experience working with writers across the United States, Alabaster Press publishes work of select authors whose vision is to use their experiences to transcend their challenges and make a difference.


Our mission is to offer creative and affordable literary, media and home/office products for children and adults that reflect biblical principles. A portion of our profits are donated to those who live in poverty at home and abroad.


To impact the publishing industry with creative books, ebooks, and innovative home and office décor. We marry art and literature.

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