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Stopping by to Thank You for the beautiful awe-inspiring as well as spiritual journey I am traveling on as I continue to read from the pages of your newly released book entitled Rivers of Grace: Poems of Redemption & Restoration! Truly your words are Holy Spirit breathed and expressed! I am locating myself and finding my way even more in so many of your poems! ‘A View from the Other Side,’ ‘The Women I See,’ ‘Full,’ ‘Who Am I?’, just to name a few. After reading ‘An Alabaster Box’ it so penetrated my heart and soul with so much timely truth, I find myself resting on His “Rivers of Grace” as we just laid to rest a 21-yr-old loved one. Looking forward to finishing this touching, riveting and truthful collection of poems as well as all other writings to follow! — Alesia Butcher



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