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Alabaster Box Media Group was birthed out of a passion to write, a heart for Christ, and desire to influence social change through art and literature.

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Mining Diamonds

Dr. Augustus G. Parker III with his wife, Cheryl, navigated the turbulent waters of medical school, residency, and ultimately a successful medical practice in Columbus, Ohio, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Throughout the years, they delicately mined three gifted and caring children who followed in his footsteps in becoming physicians, totaling four doctors within two generations. With humor and humility, Mining Diamonds contains sage advice and shares the importance of strong family values and community service. Tried and tested, follow Dr. Parker’s journey of love, faith, family, and perseverance.

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Rivers of Grace

Poems of Redemption & Restoration

Written By Melanie L. Houston

When Melanie Houston started on a fresh journey of writing, it began with one poem. From one season to another, her path intersected with women and men who inspired her to paint with a poetic flow, creating Rivers of Grace. In this first volume, her poetic river takes you to places that are peaceful as well as those that evoke passion and sentiment. Bringing fresh revelation and speaking to social and spiritual matters of the heart, Rivers of Grace is a compelling chronicle of thoughts and insights. It allows the reader to hear the voice of God and embrace portions of His essence as He communicates His love and grace.

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My Afrikah Hair

Written by Melanie L. Houston; Illustrated by Philece Roberts

Ancient shores. Nostalgic memories. The gifts of praise and prayer. A tug of the hair that becomes an enduring love, and Grandma’s history. Using hair as a model and a metaphor, My Afrikah Hair is a journey and a movement of a rich and beautiful heritage. For the young of heart and young at heart, this book speaks to children of all ages. It’s a young child’s bedtime reading, a historical commentary, and a timeless collector’s edition to be treasured for generations to come. Embrace each page, and enjoy every watercolor and tea stain reflected throughout this collection of extraordinary art. Inspire a young child to learn to triumph in every circumstance. This is not merely a book, it is a movement.

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The hand that holds the quill controls history.

Charles L. Blockson

My career has felt the awesome ability of Melanie’s dance with words in national news. She’s amazing. Alabaster Box Media has been a project in the works for years as I listened to what were merely dreams. Anyone considering the products and the partnership with this outfit will experience the divine appointment. My assessment about others is pretty accurate and straightforward. This is an agency you can trust.


Melanie Houston

Inspiring Writer and Award-Winning Author

Melanie Houston began writing at an early age. Her short stories and poems gave her as much satisfaction as going to the library and coming home with a stack of books. Somewhere in all those pages she secretly dreamed that a special place was reserved for her name, her story, an appointed place, and a divine destiny.